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Why Results Can Differ

There is a general perception that complete removal of tattoo ink isn’t possible; however, I have clients who have seen their ink go completely. As to why one client’s results are different to another’s is very hard to predict. I strive to remove all ink and as quickly as possible yet sometimes the tattoo will unfortunately become resistant to lasering and refuse to budge any more. At this point I advise clients to wait a min of 6 months to let the skin heal before we try once more. If the ink is still resistant I then suggest you look for a laser that can remove the colour of ink involved but at a slightly different wavelength as this may just be successful in getting out the last few bits of ink. Typically I suggest the Ruby laser which is often used by bigger clinics. Conversely if someone has been treated by a Ruby laser and their ink becomes resistant it is usual for the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, which I use here, to then be sought, particularly for black ink.


Reasons why ink fade may be slow or incomplete

  1. Laser set too low
  2. Underlying un-diagnosed or un-disclosed auto immune disease
  3. Underlying un-diagnosed or un-disclosed diabetes
  4. Area on the body may be more resistant i.e neck, leg
  5. Very thick, dark ink
  6. Client is immune compromised in some way
  7. Heavy smoking
  8. Laser set to wrong wavelength for ink colour
  9. New ink (under 1 year old) can react unpredictably, conversely it sometimes comes out quicker
  10. Too many laser sessions, too close together
  11. Tattoo is a cover-up i.e more layers of ink to remove
  12. Ink is simply more/has become more resistant to laser


Reasons why ink fades quick and well

  1. Client follows aftercare advice and keeps sessions a min 6 weeks apart
  2. Black ink on pale skin
  3. Area of the body responds well i.e back, arm, chest, abdomen
  4. Client is very fit and healthy and doesn’t smoke
  5. Laser set at correct level and wavelength
  6. Ink is properly applied i.e not too thick or deep
  7. Age of tattoo…between 5-15 yrs old is optimum age


You can be sure that I will do my very best to remove your tattoo as quickly and safely as possible.

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