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How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

The number one question I’m asked after the cost per session is how many sessions will laser tattoo removal need? And that is the hardest question to answer as there are so many variables at play.

Where the tattoo sits on the body is one such variable. Starting from top down I would comment as follows :

Face – Usually responds well although lasering close to the eyes should be avoided where possible
Neck – Usually responds well although more treatment sessions are often required
Shoulders/chest – Usually respond excellently
Stomach/back – Usually respond excellently
Upper arms – Usually respond excellently
Lower arms – Usually respond excellently
Inside forearm – Can be problematical, skin often a little weaker here, power should be kept lower than normal, therefore, process can take longer. One of the body areas more prone to scarring
Wrist – Top wrist is usually fine, inside wrist can be problematical, as above. Also this exposed skin area needs special attention post lasering as it can come into contact with more surfaces and hence possibly introduce contaminants to the wound whilst still healing
Hands/fingers – Although these areas usually respond very well it is hard to keep the lasered skin clean and dry. Lasered skin should be kept dry as much as possible. The success of lasering this area is often down to individual circumstances more than any other area.
Thighs – Usually respond well, treatment can take a little longer. Can bleed heavier here making recovery slower etc
Lower legs – Can take much longer, results vary and again bleeding can be more.
Feet/toes – Usually respond well but often need more sessions

The above are generalisations noted from experience. Of course I have seen tattoos come off
very easily from ‘problem’ areas and also seen ‘excellent’ areas be much slower. Very hard to predict with any accuracy.

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