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Why Laser Tattoo Removal May Not Work

Since I started my business there have been a couple of occasions when the ink either failed to  budge or hardly faded at all. This is unusual especially if, on paper, all factors are consistent with other more successful cases. There are a few reasons why this might be which I discuss in more detail below


Undiagnosed diabetes in a client. This is more likely in men aged 50+ but can strike anyone and should be considered. Wound healing in diabetics is also slow. If the ink isn’t fading and healing is slow these would be red flags

Autoimmune Conditions

It is a healthy immune system that takes away fragmented ink particles in the skin so it stands to reason that a compromised immune system will often be ineffective after lasering tattoos. Autoimmune conditions are more common than you might think and are often undiagnosed for years. Some of these include –


Most of those conditions would rule out laser treatments with some exceptions if very well controlled by medication. However, in those circumstances I would seek a letter from your GP/Specialist confirming that it would be ok to commence/continue with treatments. Also, if your immune system has recently been under heavy attack (e.g cancer treatment, HIV) it is highly unlikely laser treatments would work.


Finally, it pains me to say this, I hear of laser clinics promising to remove colours that I know (with the laser they use) is just not possible. Either they are deliberately misleading clients or simply not trained in laser tattoo removal enough to realise. Before you book an appointment anywhere ask for details regarding the specific laser used (most small clinics will use a Q Switched Nd:YAG as I do here) and then do your own research as to whether your ink colours can be treated. The laser I use is suitable for black, red and very dark colours. So if you’re attending appointments somewhere and only seeing certain ink colours fading that will almost certainly be because you need a different laser for the remaining ink.

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