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Laser Treatment for Nail Infections

I recently started 2 trials on lasering toe nail fungus on 2 separate clients. There’s very little information available regarding this aspect of laser treatments although a quick Google search revealed a few places offering the service.

The first trial is now finished albeit I may offer 1 more laser session for good luck (progression photos below. Left top and bottom are the nails at the beginning of the course). Both these big toes had been infected for over 10 years. Many treatments have been tried previously ranging from tea tree oil to prescription liquids. I’m told that GPs are now very reluctant to prescribe oral medications against toe nail fungus as the drugs used are powerful and patients require regular monitoring for any adverse side effects.

I treated all 10 nails as a precaution once a month for 4 months. My client tells me that there was only the faintest sensation felt from the laser and that she had no unwanted side effects whatsoever. Unlike laser tattoo removal, it most definitely was not uncomfortable and the treatment only took a couple of minutes on each occasion. No down time and I should imagine not systemic in any way. No dressings were required and there was no recovery time needed at all. Laser power was very, very low.

Again, unlike laser tattoo removal, I can’t imagine there are many contraindications to this treatment except possibly diabetes and definitely light sensitive epilepsy. However, I would think a GP’s letter confirming that it was ok to go ahead with laser treatments subject to certain conditions being met might still make treatment possible.

The other trial is also progressing very well and my client thinks the infection is going.

For more information regarding this new treatment please contact me.


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