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Professional laser tattoo removal and aesthetic skin treatments

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Cover-up Ready

People following my social media accounts will probably recognise this client’s tattoos. He has been coming to the studio for 3 and a half years now and during this time I have lasered 2 full sleeves, his shoulders, all his […]

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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

I used to believe (may have been told in training a few years ago) that the fractured ink ends up excreted by the body in urine. However, more recently I’ve been informed that, in fact, the […]

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Laser Treatment for Nail Infections

I recently started 2 trials on lasering toe nail fungus on 2 separate clients. There’s very little information available regarding this aspect of laser treatments although a quick Google search revealed a few places offering the service.
The first trial is […]

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Lasering A Large Tattoo (or several)

I recently included this client’s tattoo in a Facebook advertisement which has worked out very well in that I’ve had several new enquiries on the back of it. Regular followers on my social media accounts will have seen many of […]

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Adverse Reactions

Regular followers on my social media accounts will know I recently encountered my first client to have an extreme and unfortunate reaction to lasering.
Let’s be honest for a moment. Despite whatever precautions are taken, lasering the skin comes with risks. […]

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Why Laser Tattoo Removal May Not Work

Since I started my business there have been a couple of occasions when the ink either failed to  budge or hardly faded at all. This is unusual especially if, on paper, all factors are consistent with other more successful cases. […]

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How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

The number one question I’m asked after the cost per session is how many sessions will laser tattoo removal need? And that is the hardest question to answer as there are so many variables at play.
Where the tattoo sits on […]

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Why Results Can Differ

There is a general perception that complete removal of tattoo ink isn’t possible; however, I have clients who have seen their ink go completely. As to why one client’s results are different to another’s is very hard to predict. I strive […]

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Not To Be Rushed

Laser tattoo removal can take many, many months especially if you have a very large tattoo. If you think that an area no larger than a man’s palm should be lasered at one session (with some exceptions) and that sessions […]

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Tattoo Meanings

People often ask me what is the worst tattoo that I have been asked to laser? I have to say I’ve not seen one single tattoo that I’d describe as awful…the most frequent requests are simply to remove the name of an […]

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